Planting Day Revegetation Trial

The re-growth phase... we need your help...

Four years of extraordinary community effort have cleared large swathes of wilding pines from Arrowtown's hill sides. We are now moving into the next phase of restoration of our native species.

We are undertaking a re-vegetation trial (approx. 1/4 hectare) on Tobins Face in coordination with the AVA & AWG, and we need your help! We need volunteers and we need donations to pay for Materials and Trees (Natives and Exotics).

Please donate at:

To undertake this, we firstly need to secure funding for the trial. We are looking for funding to cover the costs of 600 - 700 Native and Exotic trees and planting materials (tree guards, mats, stakes & fertiliser). We are looking for funding of $8500.

Running this trial in important step towards our much wider re-vegetation strategy: 

A trial allows us to understand that we are planting the right trees in the right place at the right time.

We are running the planting day on the 23rd April @ 10am (Autumn Festival week). Autumn will see us plant 400 - 500 natives and we will continue next spring with 200 exotic trees planted.

As well as donations please register your interest on our facebook event:

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