The Dishery Restaurant

Bistro Dining from 8am

Dudley's Cottage Precinct, 4 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown

03 441 1849


Situated next to the Arrow River Reserve, The Dishery is the perfect restaurant to take in the natural beauty of Arrowtown while enjoying locally sourced, sustainable & seasonal fresh food, cocktails and wine. Garden and indoor seating located in a tastefully designed new building adjacent to the historic Dudley's Cottage. We serve an all day menu for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Our food is contemporary and fresh. We use the original wood pellet grill - the Traegar grill - for slow cooking our beef and chicken dishes. This form of cooking enhances the natural flavours and gives a wonderfully tender result, adding another dimension to our restaurant menu. Our produce is sourced locally from throughout New Zealand. Every supplier we work with is carefully chosen for their dedication to their craft and the produce they supply, our suppliers are a community of like-minded people who support our commitment to quality and the very best of seasonal produce. Catering for dietary requirements is important to us, with vegan, vegetarian, gluten & dairy free options available. Our restaurant wine list has been carefully selected to include some of New Zealand's top wines and our talented mixologists will create any cocktail you desire, or you can select from the list of Dishery cocktails on our menu. Reserve your table now for bistro style dining in an intimate restaurant setting from 8am to 3pm.

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