Arrowtown Bakery

1 Buckingham St, Arrowtown

+64 3 442 1587

The queues and the delicious smell of fresh baking tell you the Arrowtown Bakery is just the place to stop to pick up a quick snack or a light lunch.

Just don't leave it too late on a busy day - they can be hard pressed to keep up with the demand for their excellent pies and pastries, especially the real specialities such as their venison pie, though the traditional steak and onion is pretty good too.

A big gooey vanilla slice goes down well with a coffee. Scones served with jam and thick cream make the perfect afternoon tea.

"At the Arrowtown Bakery & Café I discovered a truly rare find in NZ - fruit flavoured iced tea! This is something I guzzle by the litre daily at home. NZ has lots of great food & drinks but fruit iced tea is one thing I truly miss when I am down under. I chose the passion fruit flavour and it was delicious.

Then I ordered another and resisted a third as they don't give free refills like we get back home in the USA. Oh well even though I had to pay a high price, it was worth it. I savoured every sip !

Of course being a bakery, they had a nice selection of baked goods. My husband ordered FRESH BAKED scones with cream & jam. A rare find in the USA outside of an English tea house. In NZ I have found great scones in numerous locations including this Arrowtown Bakery, and they have all been better than the ones I had in England".

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