After years in the making, The WILD is coming to you on the 10th & 11th of December!

Your journey will take you through the back country of Otago, up and down mountains, through valleys and along some of the most awe inspiring ridge lines the world has to offer. IN A NUTSHELL - IT'S HARD, WE MADE IT THAT WAY


100 Miles, 50 Miles or 20 Miles, each course is epic. It isn't about the distance, it's about the journey.


The SCOTT 100 mile course offers one of the toughest foot race challenges anywhere in the world. The terrain is unrelentingly rugged and mountainous; there are long sections of exposed ridge running; the trail conditions are frequently of a technical nature – and that’s where there IS a trail to follow. This is the very definition of brutally beautiful.


While not as daunting as the 100 mile course, the Further Faster 50 miler, like its big sibling, offers a spectacular route through incredible terrain and an epic adventure to remember.


The 20 Miler is like a potted version of its bigger siblings, exposing runners to a wide array of terrain: everything from mellow beech forest trail to rugged, exposed ridge running.


We can’t wait for you to join us in December on this EPIC adventure!


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