'Out at Sea' & 'Wonderful'

A Double Bill ‘Evening of Comedy, Tragedy and Romance’

Sahara BreeZe (SBZ) Productions is delighted to announce that it will be bringing two plays to Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall for 'an evening of comedy, tragedy and romance' 14th and 15th April 2023.

‘Out at Sea’ by Slawomir Mrozek – 14-15 April - 7pm-8pm

“When it’s a matter of the public good, sentiment is out of the question.”

Starving, stranded on a raft out at sea, ‘Fat’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Thin’ employ a logical application of democratic and other political processes to debate who should be eaten. Will it be ‘Fat’ who manipulates the masses with their political ideals to create a false social reality, or the opportunistic middle-class ‘Medium’ with his excellent cooking skills, or the downtrodden ‘Thin’? Who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

This absurdist, satirical, and very funny play is staged in the round and includes music by Frederic Chopin and traditional Eastern European folk songs. It is directed by Blaise Barham and performed by Aimee Freeman, Brent Caldwell, Chris Cook, and Sarah Barham, and was first performed as part of the Revival Season at Allen Hall, Dunedin 11 & 12 August 2022. Originally written in 1961 by Polish absurdist playwright Slawomir Mrozek, it is as relevant today as it was then.

‘Wonderful’ by Richard Huber – 14-15 April - 8.30pm – 9.45pm

"diabolical cleverness ...a cracking conversational duel" Theatreview – 11/11/22

Wonderful, a two-handed ‘drawing room comedy,’ is set in England during the notorious roaring 20s. It is the story of the divine Lady Hermione and her loyal butler Roberts, as they grapple with the important issues of modern life - French doors, rice, bananas, dinosaurs and what the actress really said to the bishop! The play explores what happens when two socially incompatible people, who have a shared history and feelings for each other, are stuck in a room together.

Wonderful is award-winning playwright Richard Huber's latest play. Huber also directs the piece, described by Theatreview as "diabolical cleverness,” and “a cracking conversational duel."

Husband and wife acting duo Blaise and Sarah Barham “inhabit their roles with ease,” says Theatreview, “with the polished rapport that comes of working so closely together.” Both were nominated as Most Outstanding Performers for Two at Dunedin Fringe 2021.

The two-night season in Arrowtown is part of a NZ tour which began with the premiere at Dunedin Playhouse in November 2022 and includes a season at Wellington Fringe 17-19 February ( , Dunedin Fringe 17-19 March ( and as part of Little Andromeda’s Christchurch season 31 Mar-1 Apr 2023 (


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