Tobins Face Planting Nights

Arrowtown Choppers are continuing their Spring plantings, with 400 exotic coloured trees (with stakes and tree guards) on Tobin's Face (and the surrounds).

This will further enhance Arrowtown’s brilliant autumn colours and ensure the wilding spread doesn’t fill Tobin's Face, keeping these Autumn colours for many years to come.

In 2019 the Arrowtown Choppers started work to re-vegetate Tobin's Face by running a trial through the reintroduction of a mix of locally eco-sourced native plants (600+) for biodiversity and selected non-spreading exotic trees (350+) to enhance Arrowtown’s brilliant autumn colours.

10th and 17th September  5-7 pm 

Meet at the Ford Street car park. We will focus on the entrance to Tobin's Track (left hand side), along the eastern side of Millennium Track & between Tobin's Bridge and Skate Park.

24 September 5-7 pm

Meet at the Chinese village car park. We will focus on cleared patch above Ford of Bruinen. 

If you would like to donate plants or materials to the cause please email:

Photo: Charles Bruning, Autumn Trees prior to Tobin's Face Replanting

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