02 Jan 2019

Arrowtown Gold

Heritage NZ Magazine Story

Immerse yourself in this Heritage New Zealand Magazine Summer 2018 travel story. Jacqui Gibson writes about how Arrowtown keeps heritage "front and ce...

02 Sep 2016

Spring in Arrowtown

Arrowtown is spectacular in any season, but spring is something special. As winter gently fades, the snow lingers on the mountains as a flush of new g...

02 Sep 2016

Best Golf Destination in New Zealand

Arrowtown for Golf

A recent article in Australian Golf Digest has confirmed what locals have known for years – that Arrowtown is simply unrivalled when it comes to golf....

13 Jan 2016

My Arrowtown by Jane Shaw

Written by Jane Shaw of Provisions

Summer is here and we are loving it in Arrowtown.  The annual influx of holiday visitors have been enjoying time spent sitting in the garden at Provis...

11 Jan 2016

Wakatipu Wanderings

 The Wakatipu boasts a network of world-class trails suitable for biking, walking and running, the product of more than a decade of work by the Queens...

21 Sep 2015

Arrowtown – a magic place

Debbie Cavit - Arrowtown

From a young child I was always interested in old houses - small cottages similar to those in England looking out over rolling fields and hills and dr...

24 Aug 2015

Arrowtown Miner's Roads and Bridle Trails

Walks near Arrowtown

The allure of Arrowtown as a central point for some great day walks links back to the regions 1862  ‘gold rush’ that attracted hundreds in search of t...

05 Jun 2015

Sir Michael Hill's Arrowtown

Arrowtown is now home for me. There’s an intimate simplicity about Arrowtown that I enjoy – the buildings, and the lovely street with its old fashion...