20 Mar 2020

Arrowtown Photography Prize 2020

The competition judging is underway

The Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association is  Photography  Competition has closed and presently the photo entries are being collated in prepara...

19 Mar 2020

A Treasure House of Memories

Lakes District Museum

Arrowtown’s slogan is Where History Meets Nature, and it’s not hard to see why. Nature is all around in the mountains, waterways and woodlands, and th...

23 Jan 2020

Secret hiking peaks of Arrowtown

Arrowtown is the gateway to the Mahu Whenua parkland’s many walking tracks and routes. The Sawpit Gully Loop, Millennium Track and Tobins Track are al...

19 Dec 2019

A Summer Christmas

If you’re far from home and not sure what to do on Christmas Day, check out a few ideas in and around Arrowtown. The locals will be spending the day w...

13 Nov 2019

Summer Fun in Arrowtown

Just 20 minutes’ drive – or a $2 bus ride – from bustling Queenstown, Arrowtown has a special vibe in summer. The days are long, the weather’s good an...

18 Oct 2019

Come to Arrowtown for Labour Weekend

Arrowtown will be buzzing this Labour Weekend, with a clutch of events as the cherry on top of the history and nature that draw visitors every day of ...

19 Sep 2019

Blooming Marvellous!

Arrowtown in Spring

Ask four people what’s the best season to come to Arrowtown and you’ll get four different answers. The obvious answer is autumn, for the colourful fol...

04 Sep 2019

Tobin's Face Replanting Trial

Wednesdays in September from 5pm

Over four evenings in September the Arrowtown Choppers are undertaking a voluntary re-vegetation trial (approx. 1/4 hectare) on Tobin's Face.This is i...

27 Jun 2019


in Arrowtown

If you're struggling with the onset of winter, here’s something to look forward to: Arrowtown’s annual Matariki celebration.Not sure what Matariki is ...

28 May 2019

Six things to do in Arrowtown when it’s raining

 Not every day can be a bluebird day – even here it rains sometimes! Don’t let a bit of rain put you off making the most of all Arrowtown has to offer...

11 Apr 2019

Festival stalwart recalls its early days

Arrowtown’s Reg McTaggart is one of those Kiwi characters that makes small town life special. He’s a man of many talents who’s been there and done tha...

28 Mar 2019

Five things to do in Arrowtown this autumn

There’s a reason New Zealanders think of autumn when they think of Arrowtown. It's because in this historic town there’s not just gold in the river, t...

08 Mar 2019

Tohu Whenua Landmarks

Arrowtown Landmarks Story

Tohu Whenua – landmarks that tell our storiesArrowtown abounds with stories of two very different yet significant goldrush communities (both Chinese a...

02 Jan 2019

Arrowtown Gold

Heritage NZ Magazine Story

Immerse yourself in this Heritage New Zealand Magazine Summer 2018 travel story. Jacqui Gibson writes about how Arrowtown keeps heritage "front and ce...

02 Jan 2019

Arrowtown Boasts Tohu Whenua Landmarks

Did you know that the Arrowtown area boasts three of 24 New Zealand locations that have been designated @Tohu Whenua - landmarks that tell our stories...

02 Sep 2016

Spring in Arrowtown

Arrowtown is spectacular in any season, but spring is something special. As winter gently fades, the snow lingers on the mountains as a flush of new g...

02 Sep 2016

Best Golf Destination in New Zealand

Arrowtown for Golf

A recent article in Australian Golf Digest has confirmed what locals have known for years – that Arrowtown is simply unrivalled when it comes to golf....

13 Jan 2016

My Arrowtown by Jane Shaw

Written by Jane Shaw of Provisions

Summer is here and we are loving it in Arrowtown.  The annual influx of holiday visitors have been enjoying time spent sitting in the garden at Provis...

11 Jan 2016

Wakatipu Wanderings

 The Wakatipu boasts a network of world-class trails suitable for biking, walking and running, the product of more than a decade of work by the Queens...

08 Jan 2016

Active Arrowtown

Fit and Friendly

Arrowtown is  perfect for those enjoying an active holiday with walking, biking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding all with in a stone's t...

21 Sep 2015

Arrowtown – a magic place

Debbie Cavit - Arrowtown

From a young child I was always interested in old houses - small cottages similar to those in England looking out over rolling fields and hills and dr...

24 Aug 2015

Arrowtown Miner's Roads and Bridle Trails

Walks near Arrowtown

The allure of Arrowtown as a central point for some great day walks links back to the regions 1862  ‘gold rush’ that attracted hundreds in search of t...

05 Jun 2015

Sir Michael Hill's Arrowtown

Arrowtown is now home for me. There’s an intimate simplicity about Arrowtown that I enjoy – the buildings, and the lovely street with its old fashion...

05 Jun 2015

Arrowtown Rides

Arrowtown Top 10's

We do things differently down here in the deep SouthOur cycle trails are of the ‘hub and spoke’ variety, all are off-road trails and incorporate vibra...