Seasons and Weather

Weather. A Town for All Seasons.

Four distinct seasons bring different pleasures.

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Summer in Arrowtown. (December 1 to February 28 - daytime temperatures in the C20°s. High 80°s - 90°s F)
At latitude 45° south, the summer days are long - midsummer dawn is as early as 5am and dusk around 10pm. In December, Arrowtown gets into holiday mode as many New Zealander's traditionally migrate to town for the annual break. The laid back style and warm temperatures of Central Otago etch fond memories.

Autumn in Arrowtown. (March 1 to May 30, 0-20° C. 32- 68 F)
The brilliant reds and golds of Arrowtown’s autumn are renown, and bring artists and photographers flocking. Autumn is a season of stable weather and deep blue skies.

Winter in Arrowtown. (June 1 to August 31, 0-8° C. 32-58 F°)
A magical season with snow-capped mountains and blue skies. The Southern Lakes Ski areas are renowned as the premier winter destination of the Southern Hemisphere. It is a beautiful time of year to visit.
We are a popular base for international ski teams here to train during the Southern winter. Arrowtown is also an ideal ski base for family groups – it’s quieter, but with good accommodation, and a fine range of bars and restaurants.

Spring in Arrowtown. (September 1 to November 30. 8-15 C, 46-60 F)
Golf courses, gardens, tracks & trails thaw and bloom. Fresh & fragrant clean air, warm days, cool evenings and a time when the skiing is often at its best. Restaurant tables venture out to the pavements and the river bank and lakesides re-populate with walkers and watersports enthusiasts enjoying warm late afternoon sunshine.
Central Otago’s hills are mauve with flowering herbs, particularly wild thyme.

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