Sunday 16th Sep 2018 - Community - Sports & Outdoors - Family

A spring chop is being planned by Arrowtown Choppers for September 16th, so put it in your diaries! This will be in a similar position to the first chop as we wish to complete clearing the face all the way to the ridgeline. There will be plenty of small seedlings for kids to find and remove in the area we cleared two years ago, so a definite day out for the kids and adults.  Meet at the Chinese Village at 10am. Finishes at 2pm.

More information about the Spring Chop.

Arrowtown Choppers News July 2018

Hi there everyone, lots has happened since we stopped the weekly chops for the season. Here is a brief list of news for the Choppers:

- Several members completed a chainsaw training course in June. The course was provided by a grant from the QEII Trust, so we’re very thankful for their support. The next step is to increase the first aid training and ensure we are following correct procedures in the area.

- The commercial crew has done a big job along the Tobin’s face, which will have brought the wilding issue to the forefront of the public’s attention. The Arrowtown Wilding Group, a subcommittee of the AVA is putting together a funding application to go to community funders to continue the wilding removal. This includes Central Lakes Trust, the Community Trust of Southland, and any others that are suitable.

This is part of phase 1 of the Arrowtown Wilding Strategy which was discussed as two town meetings, and is available on the AVA website. The plan is to employ contractors to pull the wilding spread back towards Arrowtown from Brow Peak/German Hill/Sawpit Gully using ground clearance, as well as continue work on Tobin's Face. The AVA is working with the Department of Conservation and the WCG for advice, and DOC will help with the contractor management side of things. The Arrowtown Choppers will continue to focus on sensitive areas around water ways, tracks, and native bush. We have extensive letters of support for the application from QLDC, WCG, DOC, QEII, Mt Soho, ORC, the APBA, and LINZ. It is hoped that commercial work will start back up in spring this year, with the bulk of clearance behind the town done in 12 months.

Phase 2 will look at revegetation and control of weeds, as well as clearing out anything that has sprouted from seed already dispersed. This is a long term project, and will involve several funding applications through the years. Planting is intended to be a combination of natives for biodiversity and exotics to retain and enhance the popular autumn colours.

- QLDC has informed us that a contractor has been appointed for the Coronet Forest early harvest (PF Olsen). Part of this work will be an upgrade to Alan Reid road. This is promising news as it indicates the seed source will be removed in due course as per the Council decision.

- AWG is also drafting some information signage about the wider issues of wilding infestation in the area. It is intended for these to be erected along the Sawpit track and Tobin’s in order to better inform the general public about the issues these species cause. If anyone has GRAPHIC DESIGN skills, please get in touch as we could do with a hand on these.

In conclusion, work on reducing the spread of wildings in our corner of the basin is progressing well and we look forward to another productive spring and summer ahead.

Anton Schmitz

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