Friday 6th Nov 2015 - Community - Arts & Culture

Out on a Limb

Central Otago Outside the Square - 'Coots'

The Coots collective from Central Otago have put together another innovative exhibition to be displayed in the gallery.

The members of Coots work across a mixture of mediums ranging from quilting and embroidery to art, paper making and felt making, making for a colourful and interesting exhibition.

The group set themselves a challenge earlier this year to create a piece that has been inspired by another artist and the result is a mixture of old world artists alongside newer works being represented.

The group have been working together since 2002 and are pleased with what has been achieved. All of the pieces measure 100cm x 40cm and are individually crafted.

There will also be smaller fibre art works, created by members of the group, for sale during the exhibition.

See the Lakes District Museum for more information.

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