Arrowtown is a vibrant, close-knit, welcoming community.

Arrowtowners can’t believe their good luck being part of it.

With its population of a little over 2000 people, it is small enough for friendship networks to extend far past the neighbours.

Many residents are people who have eagerly made the choice to make Arrowtown their beautiful home.

The population mix is a healthy one of professionals, working people, and small business owners – of retired folk, couples with families, and young people. (Arrowtown School has been one of New Zealand’s fastest growing).

The award winning Millbrook Resort, with its many residents, sits on the town’s outskirts. And the town’s attractive hinterland is the home to many people enjoying their piece of paradise on lovely lifestyle and vineyard blocks.

The result is an eclectic mix of people, delighted to live here, and to enjoy the town and each other. It also means there is a good range of clubs, services, and facilities.

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