Hofmans Architects Limited

59 Buckingham Street (View map)

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  • Hofmans Architects Limited
  • Hofmans Architects Limited

Based in Historic Granny Jones Cottage at 59 Buckingham Street, Hofmans Architects offer innovative and exciting design responses for your project big or small, including homes, Hot Pools complexes...anything interesting

Maarten Hofmans Architect Barch NZCD(Arch) ANZIA Senior Architect

Director of Hofmans Architects Ltd

24 years experience as Draughtsman and Architect with some of New Zealand’s leading award winning Architectural practices. Large number of houses designed and built and a number of large commercial projects including award winning school, church, hospital, hotel and hot pools projects.


Maarten has the unique ability to quickly freehand sketch ideas and proposals and sees himself as the hand / interpreter that is able to sketch what the client(s) have in mind and what they may or may not have imagined. The projects are achieved through listening and filtering these ideas through his years of experience.

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